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Find your perfect Goodr Sunnies with our Virtual Try-On!
Find your perfect Goodr Sunnies with our Virtual Try-On!
United OddSocks Collection

The Joy of OddSocks


Wouldn't it be great if you never again had to concern yourself with these persistant sock problems;

spending time matching them up 

finding the missing one that you KNOW needs to get into the washing machine 

the sinking feeling of wanting to wear your absolute favourite pair but remembering one has a hole in it

being fed up with boring old socks

searching high and low with one dressed foot and one eye on the time because all other socks are waiting for wash day

There IS a solution - a pack of six beautifully co-ordinated, individual OddSocks. 

What a genius idea! A set of six socks that compelment each other perfectly - a choice of five partners rather than just one.

Funky Socks for Women

Cute and cuddly, bold or muted, stripes, spots and animals, there's an OddSocks set for every personality. 

Quirky Mens' Socks

Sporty, space related, dinosaurs, drinkers (and some just rude!).  Socks that make a statement and socks that allow a different part of your character to be embraced.

OddSocks make great gifts too:

Gift Socks

Not just for the adults! Oh so cute Dad and baby, Mum and baby, toddler and child OddSocks. Think colourful ducklings and flamingos, monkeys and dinosaurs, favourite characters and, of course, unicorns. Scary socks for Halloween and Seasonal Socks for Christmas.

Stress Head Socks

Mildly irritated to downright fuming and all the stages in between are represented in the Stress Head Socks. Stomp on them all you like to diffuse that negativity!

Stand Out Socks

Let's admit it, there's a rebel part of us all that longs to been seen.  What better way to make a bold yet safe statement with bright and colourful socks (that can be whisked away under a trouser leg if needs must of course..)

Check out the range here!

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