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Find your perfect Goodr Sunnies with our Virtual Try-On!
Find your perfect Goodr Sunnies with our Virtual Try-On!
Choosing Lights For Your Christmas Tree

Choosing Lights For Your Christmas Tree

How Many Lights For A Christmas Tree?

It really depends how much sparkle you'd like, and in our opinion you can never have too many, but then we would say that! The above gives you a guide for what we'd recommend when using regular fairy lights.

Bulbs & LEDs

The size guide above is based on LEDs. These are normally 3mm (micro) or 5mm across. They're all just as bright! Other options are Candle lights, flickering bulbs and the like which can be used alongside or instead of LEDs for a more traditional look.


Multifunction controllers come with many lights and allow effects such as waves, slo glo, twinkling and steady on. All the controllers we sell have a built in memory, meaning they remember the last setting used.

Lights without a multifunction controller have thinner wire.


Some sets come with a built in timer. When you turn the lights on they'll stay on for 6-8 hours  then go off, coming back on at the same time the next day. A great and simple to use feature! The timer can be overridden so the lights stay on.


Most of the Christmas Tree Lights we sell are suitable for seasonal outside use as well as indoor use. Normally this means they're suitable to be used outside for a month or two, but are not designed to be left out all year round.

The plugs always need to be inside, however that could mean inside a waterproof box.


Whilst colour is a personal preference, some colours are more popular in different years so come in and out of fashion. Check out our blog about Antique White! Also, consider if you want green/black or silver/transparent cable. Usually you'd use green/black on a green tree, and silver/transparent on a white tree, or no tree.

Mains or Battery

There's a whole range of battery lights available with built in timers, with one set of batteries lasting the whole season.

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