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Jetboil MightyMo - Steel - Precision Cook System

by Jetboil
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  • Unbeatable simmer control for versatile cooking
  • Regulated for consistent performance down to -6°C
  • Lightweight and compact at only 95 g
  • Push-button igniter for instant heating
  • Compatible with Jetboil Skillet and FluxRing Pot


The Jetboil MightyMo is a remarkably versatile and compact cooking system designed for outdoor enthusiasts who need reliable performance in any condition. Weighing less than a deck of cards at just 95 grams, the MightyMo is easy to pack and carry, making it perfect for backpacking, camping, and other adventures where space and weight are at a premium.

One of the standout features of the MightyMo is its unbeatable simmer control. The advanced four-turn regulator valve allows for precise incremental adjustments to the fuel flow, offering a range of temperature options from a light simmer to a full boil. This makes it ideal for a variety of cooking tasks, from sautéing greens and simmering sauces to boiling water quickly.

Thanks to its regulated design, the MightyMo ensures consistent performance down to -6°C (20°F), providing reliable heat output even in colder weather. The push-button igniter offers convenient and reliable ignition, allowing you to start heating instantly without fuss.

The open platform design of the MightyMo accommodates a Jetboil Skillet and FluxRing Cooking Pot without the need for a pot support, improving efficiency and simplifying your cooking setup. Please note that JetPower fuel, the Skillet, and the FluxRing Cooking Pot are sold separately.

When folded, the MightyMo measures just 5 cm by 8 cm (2 inches by 3 inches), making it exceptionally easy to stow in your pack. With its compact size, lightweight design, and superior simmer control, the Jetboil MightyMo is the perfect companion for any outdoor culinary adventure, allowing you to enjoy gourmet meals on the go without the need for fancy restaurants.

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