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Jetboil 1.5L Ceramic FluxRing Cooking Pot - Carbon - Cookware

by Jetboil
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  • 1.5 litre ceramic-coated FluxRing cook pot for easy, nonstick cooking
  • Effortless cleanup with non-stick surface
  • Folding wire handles and insulating cosy for safe handling
  • Wide-open form factor ideal for simmering and cooking for small groups
  • FluxRing technology ensures quick and efficient cooking


Elevate your backcountry cooking with the Jetboil 1.5L Ceramic Cook Pot. Designed as an essential for solo or group cooking, this pot features a new ceramic coating that enhances your cooking experience and simplifies cleanup. Say goodbye to boring camp food sticking to the bottom of your pot and enjoy tastier meals on the trail.

The 1.5-litre cook pot is perfect for preparing a variety of meals while on the trail. The ceramic coating provides a non-stick surface, ensuring that food doesn't stick and making cleanup as effortless as wiping with a rag. This feature allows you to cook more elaborate and delicious meals without the hassle of scrubbing pots afterward.

For added convenience and safety, the cook pot includes folding wire handles and an insulating cosy. These features make it easy to handle the pot safely and comfortably during your adventures. The wide-open form factor is ideal for simmering and cooking, making it perfect for small group meals.

Equipped with Jetboil's FluxRing technology, the cook pot ensures quick and efficient cooking, allowing you to spend less time preparing meals and more time enjoying your outdoor experience. The advanced design of the FluxRing technology promotes even heat distribution, ensuring your food is cooked thoroughly and quickly.

Whether you're a solo adventurer or cooking for a group, the Jetboil 1.5L Ceramic Cook Pot is a must-have for your backcountry kitchen. Its non-stick, easy-to-clean surface, and efficient cooking capabilities make it the perfect addition to elevate your next outdoor culinary experience.

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