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Casa Mia Perforated Pizza Peel - 12 Inch

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  • PERFORATED DESIGN: Allows excess flour to fall through and promotes better airflow, reducing the chances of a soggy pizza base.
  • ULTRA-LIGHT & THIN: Designed to be super thin and lightweight, this pizza peel ensures effortless handling and precision when transferring your pizza to and from the oven.
  • ALUMINIUM CONSTRUCTION: Built with 100% aluminium, offering strength, durability, and a professional-grade tool for your home kitchen.
  • EXTRA-LONG HANDLE: Features a 40cm handle for safe and comfortable pizza handling. The handle can be unscrewed for easy storage.
  • OPTIMAL SIZE: Designed for pizzas up to 12 inches, with overall dimensions of 30cm x 71cm.


The Casa Mia Perforated Pizza Peel is the ultimate performance pizza peel for your pizza-making. Expertly designed and beautifully crafted, it features a lightweight and super thin design. The peel's surface is perforated giving a number of advantages:

  • Excess flour can fall through the holes
  • Smaller surface area reduces the chances of your pizza sticking to the peel
  • Better airflow reduces the chances of a soggy base as moisture can escape as the pizza is removed from the pizza oven

Built to last, it's made from 100% aluminium, ensuring robust and long-term use. The peel comes with an extra-long 40cm handle, ensuring your safety and comfort while handling the pizza. Plus, the handle can be unscrewed for convenient storage.

Suitable for pizzas up to 12 inches, this perforated pizza peel measures 30cm x 71cm. Take your pizza-making experience to the next level with the Casa Mia Perforated Pizza Peel.

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